A Trip to Brighton

On a cold, windy afternoon, I took the train from London and headed south to the Coast of England and visited my school friend Anna in the picturesque town of Brighton. Not the most ideal time to visit, as we didn’t even walk along the Pier, because it was too windy and we were afraid of getting blown into the sea! Nonetheless, the ambience of the town itself, the friendly locals in the shops and the company of my friend, made me forget about the awful English weather and enjoy my afternoon and evening there.

Anna has been living in Brighton for a while so she knew exactly where to take me. We walked around the boutiques, all one off stores that are not found in London, until we went to the Angel Food Bakery for a cupcake. Going for cupcakes was something we always used to do when we were at school. Lola’s Cupcakes were a favourite and thankfully for us, we could and still can find it in Topshop at Oxford Circus or Selfridges while we went shopping after school. Anna said that she wanted to take me there as it was ‘my vibe’-whatever that means! She was right, of course.

Over a delicious vanilla cupcake and tea, we talked non-stop about the last few months.

Snooper’s Attic is a vintage haven and a unique Brighton boutique market, which is well-known across the UK. One can find a lot of random treasures in here!

Not wanting to go to a chain restaurant, Anna took me to a Mexican place where we celebrated her exam results with a margarita and burritos! Surprisingly, it was fully packed for a Wednesday evening. The food and drinks were delicious and the atmosphere of the place added to the fun experience. Definitely worth finding if you are in Brighton!

We carried on through the evening with more drinks in different bars around Brighton, meeting Anna’s friends along the way. A short and sweet trip to Brighton is always a good idea. Even better when you know someone there and can take you to the best places. A definite future return in Spring!


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