Burberry September Show

Bear with me, this post is slightly overdue but I’m still trying to get back on track and I promise more posts will be coming soon!

For me September has always been the start of the New Year; from school to university to fashion month and autumn, the best season to spend in London.

The Burberry show is always the highlight of London Fashion Week. Usually taken place at Kensington Palace, Burberry moved to the Makers House in Soho to showcase the new collection. Christopher Bailey puts on a ‘see-and-shop’ collection in a gender-neutral show; an innovative approach for the heritage brand, taking a step forward in a new era of fashion. The see-and-shop approach is ideal for allowing brands and retailers to have an immediate customer response, by being able to see and purchase the new collection as soon as the model walks the runway. However, product appeal is still more important, regardless of how quickly it becomes available. The fact that the collection is instantly available for the customer to purchase in store, has never been done before, therefore Burberry revolutionized the fashion industry in this sense.

The brand has always been digitally focused, however this time the show brought a ‘culmination of a series of important changes, brining our collections closer to the customers.’ – Christopher Bailey. Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando – a love letter to the past and to English history and a kind of dressing up box to visit and revisit, influenced the collection.

One of the great things about this show was that it was in the Makers House – an ornate building set-designed as an atelier for the show, where guests were able to mingle among the makers at work and the walls were mocked up as mood boards. 20th Century interior designer Nancy Lancaster inspired intricate details, including fabric-covered benches, wallpapers, tapestries and a handwoven carpet.

The clothes themselves blended streetwear such as denim and sweatshirts with luxury cashmere and silk pyjamas, blurring the lines between relaxed and formal, masculine and feminine, night and day. ‘It is clothes that wear us and not we them,’ Woold wrote in Orlando. ‘The power of Burberry’s new collection lies in its willingness to allow the wearer to become whoever they want to be. How do I know about the new Burberry collection so much? The Makers House was open the week following the show for the public where the artisans were on-site demonstrating their expertise. The intricate detail and exquisite finishing tributes to the skills of traditional British craftsmanship, which is what made this collection so special and unique.

Christopher Bailey never fails to execute an amazing and unique collection. This is by far one of my favourites. I appreciate traditional craftsmanship and value the importance of a brands heritage and traditions. Season after season, Burberry always follows through its trench coat trend, with the classic Burberry print and form, although always in a refreshing and innovative technique. This is what makes Burberry THE British brand that everyone loves and recognises. Unfortunately the Makers House is closed now to the public, however the entire collection is in the Burberry stores-so take a look! I’m after that long cape with tassels….

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