Dare to Flare

Before moving to Italy, I never thought I would like wearing flared trousers. The last time I wore them I was starting secondary school and immediately changed to skinny jeans and cigarette trousers as that was what everyone was wearing back then. Not that it was a long time ago, but feels like years since I wore flares and I don’t see why I haven’t given in to the trend sooner.

I’m not really sure where the new obsession has come from, but it sure has escalated into an iconic sample in the fashion world. Flares have been back from the seventies for a while now, seen on all the runways and on the streets on the legs of editors and bloggers.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would like the change of wearing flared trousers from skinny ones. All the creative designs and modern fabrics make flares comfortable and surprisingly very flattering!  Legs look longer, waist looks slimmer, enough said. There’s just a sense of freedom and dare I say ‘swag’ that comes from wearing flares that the simple skinny jean won’t give you. Flares make you stand out, in a good way. I would wear mine with a high heel, to increase the elongated leg look, although worn with espadrilles or New Balance trainers, gives you a more casual, cool but chic look, and overtly confidence.


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