Henry Asencio Live Art Performance

“Merging introspection and visual spectacle with unmistakable modernity.”

Clarendon Fine Art gallery in Mayfair, hosted a private viewing of Henry Asencio’s paintings and a live painting performance in front of invited guests.

When he last had an exhibition in London at the same gallery, I was lucky enough to be able to model for him. And today that painting stands in my living room…

‘Work in progress painting.’ Henry was even using his hands as well as both sides of the painting brush to manipulate the paint surface for different effects.

The night was wonderful. Henry is such a powerful and emotive artist, his work is incredible. Personally, this time was even more special as I was able to watch him paint and how he turns a blank canvas into an amazing painting.

Everyone was stunned by the outcome of the painting. However, this isn’t the finished piece. He takes it back to his studio and works on it referring back to photographs taken that night.

Working solely in oils, Asencio believes that nothing compares to the richness and workability of the medium, and it perfectly complements his aggressive, painterly style. He begins each composition with a ‘gesture drawing’ and then mixes colour and applies the paint according to his temperament. As well as brushes and a palette knife, he uses a range of unconventional tools, thereby transforming a traditional painting into one possessing his cutting edge signature style.

Asencio uses a range of vivid and radiant colours that seem to vibrate and dance off the canvas, blending to create a naturalistic image with great aesthetic depth. On occasion he works with a single tone, saying: ‘The beauty of painting with a singular tone is the immediacy of gratification in capturing the subject’s essence. The figure’s shadows follow the fleeting strokes. The negative shapes of the figure are in harmony with negative shapes of the background. The figure doesn’t impose itself, but interlocks perfectly within its design.’

He is a contemporary Californian painter, whose painting is formed of compositional style, classical ideals of figurative painting, merging introspection and visual spectacle with unmistakable modernity.

The use of open brushwork, sweeping colour, bold use of texture and great technical precision; are the qualities that have earned him an impressive range of international accolades.

The aggression of his painting technique and tranquility of finished composition: “Many of us seek harmony and peace, but along the way we embattle the obstacles of life. My earlier work did not acknowledge this. My current work celebrates it.”

Henry Asencio is genuinely one of my favorite artists, what an honor it was to model for him 5 years ago! I love his style of painting and the subjects he wishes to paint. He is also an excellent salsa dancer!

Take a look at some of his works here: www.clarendonfineart.com

See you soon Henry! X

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