How do I Look?

Every time you dress, every time you look at your reflection in the mirror, you ask yourself this question, in order to announce your identity. Most of the time, this is done subconsciously. Walking past a shop window, you instantly notice your reflection, to feel satisfied with your appearance. From the clothes you wear, to the accessories you choose and the color lipstick you put on, the way you look acts as an embodiment of your character and personality, after all it is your personal style.

You wear what you wear because that is what defines you and makes you feel comfortable. Choosing the right outfit and suddenly finding yourself having the feeling of ‘nothing to wear’ is a classic frustrating situation that every girl goes through. The important question to consider is, does what you are wearing give you confidence? In a cosmopolitan environment, confidence is key to help you develop your best attributes and this can simply be aided by the way you look. Even by just adding one piece of sentimental jewellery, it will guarantee a change in the way you feel and will show your real personality. Personal style is what makes you, it is who you are. Everyone has it; it’s just about finding it.

In a world where social media is expanding and beauty and fashion trends are everywhere, people can often get influenced in the way they dress. Fashions come and go, but style is forever, as Yves Saint Laurent once said. Be yourself, not a model or the fashion blogger, you follow on Instagram. Fashion trends work, but you must have style to pull it off and the potency to know what suits you. Style is about your personal identity, and to find this, you have to seek your inspirations, fantasies and desires. It is important to feel good in your own skin, no matter what other peoples opinions are, you have the power to change them. Style can be a depiction of confidence created effortlessly by some people; others take longer to find it. Finding your own style is about liking and accepting your image. Once this is achieved, then you will never have to ask yourself again ‘how do I look?’


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