How To Wear A Polo Neck

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. Since winter is in full swing, I’ve constantly been wearing a polo neck jumper.

I know I’ve kept you out of the loop recently, but university studies are top priority for the next few months. Studying and blogging is hard, but I will try and maintain as much as I can, as it is a good break from writing essays!

Back to my obsession of the those warm polo tops and jumpers… Since I bought two of those winter warmers last year, my mum noticed I like them and perhaps they even suit me, otherwise she wouldn’t have given me a pile of her old sleeveless polo neck tops and jumpers. Sleeveless ones are actually perfect for pre and post winter seasons. All you need is a cardigan or a light jacket, so you stay warm while still working the trend.

In fact, the polo neck, gives an elegant touch of femininity to my dark toned wardrobe. Every girl needs a black one in her wardrobe. I wear mine all the time. Chic yet understated, it is key to building your winter look. Contrasting a cashmere polo neck with leather, jeans, trousers or skirts, the 1950’s trend makes a fashion statement this year, as a casual sportswear classic and wardrobe staple.

‘Comfort, coverage and convenience’ is how one editor has described the trend and I couldn’t agree more. It is one trusty item that you can literally wear with anything. You can layer it under skirts or wear a chunky one with leather skirts, the options are endless.

This winter I bought a white one. I know a little out there as you are completing covered, although somehow a white polo neck, is a perfect addition to my monochrome wardrobe. I haven’t been brave enough to try it, but I have noticed, thin tops being worn under sleeveless dresses, (nod to the 1960s there).

This is how I’ve been styling my ones, what do you think? Simple, elegant and again perfect for winter, get yours soon if you haven’t already.


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