London Town

I refer to both London and Cyprus as my home. Split between both places, I travel to both which have different ways of living, with positive and negative aspects that I am lucky to experience.

I have spent the past few days in London. This meant catching up with family and friends over what felt like food and drinks, most of the time.

I will share with you my highlights of some of my favourite places in London, that I always go to when I’m here and I suggest you do the same!


Okay, so this is a new sushi spot that I have tried, but have already made it a regular place. I went with Magdalene and Aimilia for cocktails and enjoy some of our favourite combinations of traditional sushi maki rolls and nigiri. The restaurant also does yakitori sticks from the grill, a reason for us to go back and try them. Full and with a friendly atmosphere, I recommend going with a reservation. Otherwise you can always ask the bartender to create any cocktail for you while you wait for a table!


I previously wrote about Tramp in a blog post in October, describing the establishment. My parents and I went for dinner and choose classic dishes from the traditional food menu. All very tasty and washed down with wine and champagne, followed by cocktails in the upstairs bar when Aimilia came later on.

Dancing and chatting into the early hours of the next morning, I had the brilliant idea of going to Duck and Waffle…

Duck and Waffle

Just above Sushi Samba, on the 40th floor Duck and Waffle offers a British, European cuisine opened 24/7 with beautiful views of the city. A restaurant that is usually hard to find a reservation, we arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning and the restaurant was full as if it was 8pm in the evening. The views were stunning, the atmosphere was alive and the people were unexpectedly fresh and the DJ added great dancing music so it felt that we were still clubbing!

This might look very strange, but honestly it was one of the best meals I have ever had. Definitely worth a visit.

Mum and I met Haya and Natalie in Selfridges, so do some belated birthday shopping for myself and my younger sister Natalie.

We walked around town and headed to Aphrodite, the best Greek Tavern in London. This restaurant acts as my dinning room sometimes, when my parents and I decide nothing is better than simple yet delicious Greek food. It’s the place we come to if we want to eat familiar, top quality food in a welcoming environment. The chef, also the owner, is a family friend and always greets the guests and sits with us for a drink and dessert after our meal. The small restaurant is decorated with traditional Greek treasures, such as plates hung on the walls, marble statues, paintings and wine bottles. I know, it is really a typical Greek restaurant! The Greek music adds to the illusion that you are actually in Greece, what more could you want?!

Located on Hereford Road off Westbourne Grove, it’s the perfect place to refresh your memories of your holidays on those beautiful Greek Islands!

Too busy talking, drinking and of course eating, I didn’t take many snaps for you, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy the best meats, fish and dips!

The Langham Hotel

Haya and Natalie of course celebrated my 18th birthday party a few years ago, which was at The Langham Hotel in Marylebone, so it fitted well that we went back for tea in the gorgeous tea room at the head of the entrance of the hotel. The afternoon tea here is very special. We decided to have just tea and we ordered two desserts to share, both gone in minutes! The pianist fills the room with calming music while everyone sips their tea or champagne; it is the picture of a relaxing, British afternoon.


I was meeting Maddi and her boyfriend for a drink, so the only place to go was Sketch. This site had become a local spot for us over the summer when we were both working and ended up coming here on Friday nights for a much needed cocktail. With three bars to choose from, we sat in the main tea room, where food is also served all day and where we can enjoy a cocktail or tea in a unique, trendy environment.

Toy Room Club

Another Saturday night, another party to go to. I met India for dinner in Soho and then got dressed up and headed out again to Toy Room Club in Mayfair. Their toy logo of “Frank the Teddy” is posted up on the walls, as well as some other street art decoration. They even have someone dressed up in a small toy suit dancing round the club. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my hands on him, but here are the girls dancing with him a previous time!

Meat People

On a quite Sunday night, I had dinner with my cousin Elena to catch up after her visit in Paris a few weeks ago. She took me to try the food at this restaurant in Islington. I immediately liked the name and was happy to know that is where we would be dining. We starting with a glass of red wine and both had the fillet steak. People in the area have named it there ‘local’ and I can see why. The food was excellent and the inspired art décor and soft Jazz and Swing music contribute to the relaxed mood therefore creating a unique restaurant and bar.

Can you tell I was happy to be back? Of course this was just a selection of places and the most recent ones, but many more London adventures will continue throughout the summer months. Next stop Italy!


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