My City Uniform

Living in central London means wherever I go I’m always on the run doing errands and meeting people all over the city. When I don’t have to be formal, I wear trainers. I know you all do the same; they are too comfy to resist! I’m currently obsessed with New Balance shoes. They are comfortable, they come in different styles and colours and have an ‘N’ on the sides, which is also my initial, therefore bonus points!

As much as I love wearing my black skinny jeans everywhere and anywhere, I stumbled across this outfit on my way to a food shop from the trusty high street store, M&S. They have delivered an impressive collection for this season. I have my eye on this leopard print coat as well! Made from Marino wool, the jumper and trousers are warm and thick enough for any weather occasion that London might spring on me, the colour is a slightly refreshing change from constantly wearing black and white and the long lined jumper means I can wear it over anything else; jeans, skirts and the trousers to be worn dressed up with a sparkly knit and heeled boots (not that I have tried it yet, but might do!) Definitely an ‘off-duty chic’ look.


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