My Real Home

Cyprus, a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea is the one place where I can escape to and truly feel like I am at home. Surrounded by beautiful people, and iconic culture, I am taking a late summer vacation for my cousin’s wedding.

The night before the hen party weekend, I went into the old town of Nicosia with my Godmother for a walk before dinner. Usually, throughout the summer months, the streets are lively in the evening with everyone eating out or going for coffee. Walking past the main square with the church and the historic building of the Parthenagogeio we came across a playground full of children playing games and hand painting walls.

Just as we were about to leave, I noticed a crowd gathering at the front of the stage and a circle of security surrounding an unknown celebrity. Soon, we heard the voice of Anna Vissi, a famous Cypriot, born singer, established in Greece. The night before she had a concert in town with Antonis Remos and tonight she sang five of her most famous songs in aid of the Ronald McDonald Children Charities. One of my favorite singers, It was just luck that I danced and sang along to her songs on my first night here.

The Hen Party 

Early on Saturday morning, four cars full of excited ladies set of for Larnaca, a city on the west coast of Cyprus. There, we made a stop at the Pole Queen’s Dance Studio for a special dance lesson for us as a surprise to the bride to be. Pole Queen’s Dance Studio. I have to admit I love dancing and Pole Dancing was something that I always wanted to try, and I really enjoyed it, and would totally recommend it to anyone to try for fun or a workout!

After two hours of girls dancing around, taking photos and drinking champagne, we headed towards Protaras, to The Grecian Park Hotel, where we would stay for one night.

Then evening came and we went into Protaras and had sushi at Koi restaurant at Capo Bay hotel.

Back at the hotel we went to Cliff Bar, a cosy cool bar hidden in the forest of the hotel, with a sea view. Before we left to go back the day after, I walked down to the beach. More than 100 steps to walk down, most of the group was put off by going and stayed by the pool. Walking down, the view was beautiful.

A relaxing and beautiful way to end the weekend!

NOA Bar and Restaurant 

My next couple of days were spent were in Limassol, my favorite city in Cyprus. The city buzzes with locals and tourist going to the beach, bars and restaurant the town has to offer.

I stayed at my uncle and aunt’s house, who own and run the bar and restaurant NOA, located on the beach. NOA is the perfect place for a delicious meal, a cocktail or lounging on the sun beds.

Swimming at 8am is the perfect time. The water is cool and calm and the sun warm enough to snooze on the sun bed after!


While in Limassol, I saw my family and went to the newly opened Limassol Marina. The group of developers has created the prestigious Limassol Marina, a real crowd pleaser. There are dining, shopping, fitness and spa and cultural facilities as well as luxury living and yachting.

Dinner and walks around the Kastro, the Medieval Castle in Limassol, is far from Medeival! The area has really picked up clientele throughout the years and attracts locals and Cypriots from all over the island. Now full of restaurants and bars, it is the place to be and be seen having drinks with friends or dinner with family.

Karatello Tavern, is part of the Carob Mill restaurant, which serves the best contemporary Cypriot cuisine. They even have their own Loukoumades stall, which is a much try desert! Loukoumades are a traditional Cypriot desert that tasted glazed doughnut. Yum.

More food and family the next day at my aunt’s house.

The Wedding

At a Greek-Cypriot wedding, you can expect lots of food, dancing and people. Before the church, the bride and groom get ready at their family homes with close friends and family with them.

A violinist comes to the house and performs traditional Cypriot songs, while the bride is being ‘blessed’ and wishes good luck by her family.

Agios Prokopios

Sugar coated almonds are given out to the single ladies at the church. The story is you put in under your pillow that evening, and the man you dream of is the one you are going to marry… Don’t think it works, but it’s a cute tradition!

Around 20 of close family and friends stayed until 5am at the hotel drinking bottles of Moët et Chandon and dancing Zembekiko.

I don’t know how, but somehow we all managed to wake up for brunch at the hotel the next day and lazed by the pool in the afternoon for the last time before flying back to London.

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