Not So Simply Black

If in doubt buy black. Or better yet, buy the item you like in black and another colour. Mixing up textures and styles is the best way to modernize the all black, classic and chic look. This is what makes black look so fresh.

Black leather and lace is a sexy style combo that one can never go wrong with. With fur, cashmere and colour accessories, you won’t even notice you are wearing dark, gothic shades all the times. Black will never be boring again.

Style black like I have with leopard print. Not too flashy, the animal print is everywhere this season. As the perfect print for a monochrome ensemble, it’s now a classic choice. The attention-demanding pattern has the ability to elevate simple ensembles with minimal effort. It has turned into a neutral shoe tone and a colour palette that every girl lusts after.

If you are like me and like to keep your look simple, yet stylish, wear your all black outfit, as per usual and add leopard print boots, to create a bit of sass in your step!

No Image. The Journey

Recently I have had a thing with baseball caps. I don’t know if it is just because I  have been adapting to my life back in London going to or my style has suddenly changed…

The other night, I was invited to Drama club in Mayfair, where some friends were launching their new lifestyle and events brand called No Image. The concept behind their brand is to “Lead by example and dare to be different”, encouraging people to become individuals and create their own image.

With their first event, The Journey, happening in June 2016, they are on the way to bringing like-minded people together, in exciting events. Check out their website and Facebook page to discover more about ‘The Journey’.

An indulgent purchase

For those of you who work in fashion, especially for a clothing brand, you will understand the difficulty of wanting an item that you are trying to sell. Working with Ducie, I want all her collections. I’m not just saying that. Yes, some things I look at and I think no way, but then I try them on and quickly change my mind. Her clothes have that affect on me!

Ducie had her pre-Christmas sale yesterday and of course I went to take a look. I bought this rabbit fitted fur jacket that I have had my eye on since September.

Instead of choosing plain, classic black, I decided to up my style radar and go for the colour block combination of autumnal colours of salmon, orange-brown and black. So Luxe.

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