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  • Monochrome Mondays

    Black and White are the two colours that take up most of my wardrobe. Therefore when it comes to choosing what to wear on an early, cold and foggy Monday morning, the safest choice in an outfit made up of the combination colours.  My go to Monday morning look – white top and black trousers. Simple and Sophisticated. Although neither black […]

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  • Chanel Couture in London

    Recently, London has been a hub for fashion exhibitions. First, it was Louis Vuitton’s Series 3 show and now Chanel has opened its secretive doors to the public for a free exhibition of the designer house. Mademoiselle Privé, an exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London held until this Sunday, is a journey through […]

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  • My City Uniform

    Living in central London means wherever I go I’m always on the run doing errands and meeting people all over the city. When I don’t have to be formal, I wear trainers. I know you all do the same; they are too comfy to resist! I’m currently obsessed with New Balance shoes. They are comfortable, […]

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  • Scarlet Woman

    While the French do effortless elegance well, the Italians know and appreciate high quality design and craftsmanship. Florence opened my eyes to a new Italian luxury brand that has been around for years, but I somehow only just realized the brand’s contemporary spirit. When in Florence I purchased a new bag. Among other purchases, this […]

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  • How do I Look?

    Every time you dress, every time you look at your reflection in the mirror, you ask yourself this question, in order to announce your identity. Most of the time, this is done subconsciously. Walking past a shop window, you instantly notice your reflection, to feel satisfied with your appearance. From the clothes you wear, to […]