Paris, Mon Amour

A year ago today, I moved to Paris for some time. A year later, I am back and it feels like I’m returning home. Last year I was nervous, although looking forward to starting my life in a new city. Now I am just excited to return. Only for a few days, I have come from one city to another for a break from the continuous work and studying going on in London. I am so glad to be sharing this weekend with my Parisian girl, Anna, who I spent my time here with. She is also celebrating her one-year anniversary living in Paris.

So much has happened during the year, that I am very grateful for and privileged to have experienced. Speaking different languages is such a privilege. The different people you meet and connect to, creating lasting relationships is a pleasure one can get only when travelling. Travelling really is a big luxury. Although I haven’t travelled a lot around the world, I will definitely plan to in the future. Experiencing new cultures and going on adventures this year has shown me that I love London, although love travelling abroad also. I could easily live in any of the cities or countries I have been to. This was just a start of a new found relationship of travelling around Europe and living abroad.

I started this blog last year and have discovered so much about others and myself through doing it and being away from home, that looking back now, was absolutely the right thing to do at the right time. This evolution, had definitely been through the greatness of travel and living alone. It’s the only thing that truly enriches you as a person. This is what makes me want to be comfortable, enjoy and be myself when meeting new people and trying new things. Most importantly, travelling teaches you to keep an open mind about everything. I have already grown up with two different cultures and backgrounds, a Greek-Cypriot upbringing, in a British lifestyle, so I easily adapted to being the ‘Brit abroad’ stereotype. I have learned even more to own my opinion and be open to different points of views.

This Parisian weekend, Anna and I will be going to where we love best in Paris and doing what we love here. Although we will be back for sure in the future, we can’t help but feel a little sentimental going home. That is the pleasure of living abroad. You always have a home with friends and family somewhere that you can go back to.


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