Sea, Sunsets, Sleepless Nights

Crete is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve visited. Okay I might be biased, as I am Greek-Cypriot and love all Greek islands, however I experienced Chania, a city in the north west of Crete, like no one else.

I am privileged enough to have many of my best friends living abroad, so when I can, I visit them and they can visit me. It is always better when travelling to a place to know someone who already lives there, to show you the best sites and the less touristy parts of the city to go to.

I visited a close friend of mine Aimilia, in her home city of Chania. This summer, it was my only break away from the urban lifestyle of London, so you can imagine my excitement stepping off the airplane into the hot air of Crete. We wasted no time and started the party straight away. With a quick change in the backseat of the car we went to Theatro Beach, where Antonis Remos, a well-known Greek singer was performing live.

Fireworks even ended the concert as a welcome surprise for me to the island..!

We ended the night at Milos nightclub, like any Greek would do, until the early hours of the next day

Manos Taverna

A lovely setting for dinner, just by the water, next to the boats. I tasted the best calamri ever. Seriously worth going back just for this dish.

We visited Loutro, an area in Chania only accessed by boat. The sea was crystal clear and the most stunning colour I had ever seen until we went to Sougia beach, where the water was a rich turquoise-if only I had an underwater camera to show you how amazing it was!


Most people are sad to leave a holiday, but I went passed that stage when I was literally in tears at the airport saying my goodbyes to my friend and the island. It was a perfect short break away. Missing the lifestyle, beaches, the company already, I’ll be returning soon, that is for sure.


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