Shake It Up For Barry’s

London is heavily influenced by the L.A healthy lifestyle. People go to the gym before and after work, are seen on the tube wearing gym clothes and going on a five-day juice cleanse.

Personally, I’m not a fan of working out. Unless it is playing a sport such as tennis of going swimming, I get bored easily in the gym or running in the park. I prefer taking group classes or even dancing Pineapple Dance Studios!  However, London has lots to offer for someone like me, who likes working out when I’m met with a challenge but also doing something fun and creative. It’s all good maintaining the healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight or just feel good about yourself. Although, not many of us take care of our bodies once we finish our workout. Taking a protein drink is the most effective for this.

I have been asked by Muscle Milk Protein to try out their shakes after a workout. I have started going to Barry’s Bootcamp again after a while and with the fast moving pace of London life, there is nothing more useful (and to be grateful for!) than having a delicious bottled shake in your bag ready for a post workout refuel.

Don’t worry, having protein after training is not going to make you look bulky. That is a concern that most girls have when they want to look lean and slim. Having a protein drink right after a workout when your muscles need instant nutrition for recovery and growth is very important. This in the long run, will help you to lose weight. Just before bed is also a key time to take the drink, as you’re about to sleep for six to eight hours, effectively starving your body of protein. Another option is to drink the shake as soon as you wake up, first thing in the morning for the same reason. Weight training is catabolic, breaking down muscle, so drinking a protein shake offsets the effects of this, be that before, during, or after the session itself.

Nutritional Value

Muscle Milk Ready-To-Drink protein shakes come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Per 330ml bottle:

189 calories

7.9g of sugar

7g of fat

20g of protein

Plenty of athletes drink Muscle Milk Protein because they may have an increased protein requirement, but it is fine for anyone that wants to supplement their protein intake. The protein in Muscle Milk Protein may be especially helpful when you are; starting a new exercise program, increasing the intensity of your workout or are a vegetarian and doesn’t get enough protein from dietary sources.

The shakes came in a box and I received a bag and towel also, which are very useful and the bag can also be used for a weekend away travel bag.

The vanilla shake tastes much better than my face expression shows, I promise!

Speeding around London with a shake in hand.

The fitness craze in London means that a lot of new sports classes have established and sports clothing brands are creating attractive designs and fashions for the workout, health conscious woman.

Barry’s Bootcamp

The King of all workouts, the intense hour-long classes with a mix of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and strength training using weights and other equipment, will improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. Every day, they focus on something different, making their classes new, fun and exciting. Definitely worth a try, even if you are not a runner, the low lights, loud music and motivating trainers will change that.


High intensity, low impact classes on a bike, make those repetitive spinning classes at your local gym a breeze. Efficient, effective and enjoyable is what they go by and you are sure to develop a strong body and a sharp mind.


Perhaps one of my favourites that keep you motivated and engaged is Dynamic Pilates at Heartcore. These reformer-based classes are for a full-body workout in the shortest timeframe. They are dynamic, burning calories, helping you sculpt your physique. At Heartcore you can also try Barre, which is essentially taking a ballet lesson with motivating music.

Good Vibes Power Plates

Interval training is the most effective form of exercise as it involves short bursts of intense exercise to ensure you work out smarter not harder. Power Plates use vibrations to stimulate muscles causing them to contract and relax. Improving circulation, flexibility and metabolism, this is a full body workout that is only 25 minutes.

Now you want to look good when you work out right? Not to worry, I have listed a few stores with stylish and trendy gym wear that will encourage you to work out. You will want to show off these clothes in classes for sure.

Sweaty Betty

Not only can you purchase clothing on-line or at their boutiques, they also maintain a blog and organize group yoga classes and other activities, if you become a member. They really understand and relate to modern women who have busy lives, but know the importance of exercising and keeping fit. Their blog posts and social media are really interesting to keep you motivated to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Lorna Jane Active

This brand’s mission is to empower every woman to lead her best life through Active Living. They deliver unique and inspiring designs to gym lovers, but also a new approach to life, full of energy and vitality. They even have a blog that provides tips and motivation for keeping fit.


Not in the UK yet unfortunately, however you can purchase online, this brand has modern designs for the active fitness fanatic. They also sell lingerie, sleepwear and beachwear that might get you distracted when checking out online.


Of course, I couldn’t not mention the brand of all sportswear, Nike. I think every woman at Barry’s wears a pair of Nike trainers. I at least own a few… and their variability and reliability in women’s apparel is also another trigger to why I love them so much. They have many gadgets and a new running app, that it feels like you have a personal trainer with them all the time.

Let me know if you try any of the classes or have recommendations for new classes, and don’t forget your Muscle Milk Protein shake for a post workout boost!


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