Showcase, Love Locks and Wine Baby Bottles

I must pass the Pantheon, at least once a week where I roll my eyes at the tourists who are taking photos in front of it. I shamefully became one when Paula and I went exploring inside. From a Christian basilica to the temple of the nation, the huge edifice was home to Christian worship before finally being given over to secular use in 1885, with the funeral of Victor Hugo. Writers such as Victor Hugo and Émile Zola are buried in the crypt along with many others. These two writers specific are famous for their support for Republican ideals and their fight for fundamental freedoms.

By the time we finished it was time to eat. I have been meaning to go to a crêperie on Rue Mouffetard called Au Petit Grec. Emma had advised me to get the goats cheese and chorizo crêpe, which I did and it was a great choice-thanks Emma! We walked to Notre Dame and went in there as well with Masha.

Walking to the Marias, we went to St Paul area, which is full of falafel restaurants, Jewish bakeries and boutiques. On a Saturday it is very busy with people queuing outside cafés and shoppers roaming the narrow streets of the area, it has slowly become one of my favourite places in Paris. Not only do you find only Parisians there, the outdoor seating cafés makes the area more inviting and the endless shops of well-known brands and lesser well-known one of boutique stores are filled with Parisian type goods.

Paula and I then went to Etienne Marcel for dinner, at a café I have been to before with an outdoor terrace, cocktail hour and friendly staff, we naturally stayed there until close to midnight before going for drinks at a friend’s house. We later made our way to Showcase, a club on the other side of Faust, under Pont Alexandre III Bridge. Intending to go to Faust first, it was closed and luckily Showcase is just across the river and the DJ Cassius was playing. I later found out it was an after party of a music festival that was going on that day, so the club was crowded with house music lovers.

First thing on Sunday, we needed food and a good coffee. In my case a good hot chocolate, so found the easiest place, at my local café opposite Saint Sulpice church. I met the girls later for lunch, before India left to go back to Bristol. The day couldn’t have been rainier. We were drenched trying to find a place for lunch in the 8th and then walked through the Louvre to Les Pont des Arts, the “love lock bridge” to place a lock to symbolize our eternal friendship-I know I made this sounds super cheesy, but it was something India wanted to do when she was here, which we did quickly in the rain, quite romantic I thought.

Our favourite part of our fondue experience, was the drinking wine from baby bottles. Yes our wine, a choice between red and white came in baby bottles. Where did this idea come from? I’m not sure, but we sure enjoyed it…

Full of hot cheese and wine we walked up to the Sacre Coeur to a stunning view of Paris at night and a visit into the church just before the night mass was about to commence. Our midnight walk continued through the north of Paris down to the Louvre where someone couldn’t resist taking a classic Musée de Louvre tourist photo.

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