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  • Final Days in Florence

    Florence: the most authentic Italian experience. My time in Florence has come to end, but my experience here is not over. I will definitely be coming back and visiting this magical city and the groups of friends that I have loyally made here. Florence at your feet Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore “Duomo” Most […]

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  • Dare to Flare

    Before moving to Italy, I never thought I would like wearing flared trousers. The last time I wore them I was starting secondary school and immediately changed to skinny jeans and cigarette trousers as that was what everyone was wearing back then. Not that it was a long time ago, but feels like years since […]

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  • Italian Elegance Begins Here

    Fashion represents Italy’s country, economy and creative spirit. This week in Florence is just an example of how wonderful is can be. My city, (yes, Florence feels like home now) is the most stylish city in the world right now. More than usual, because this fascinating and culturally rich city is hosting Pitti Immagine Uomo […]

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  • When in Rome

    A few weekends ago, I visited my friends who had been in Rome for a few days. Rome is full of sights and things to do, so two days were really not enough to explore the city to its fullest, but I managed to visit most sites on one’s first visit to the eternal city. […]

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  • The Art of Aperitivo

    ‘Aperitivo hour’ must be the best time of the day in Italy. ‘Going for an aperitivo’ can be an event in itself. Currently a new trend in the London social dining scene, Aperitivo is definitely something the British lack; an Italian Aperitivo is not just a cold beer and a bowl of crisps, it is […]

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  • Milan Part 2

    The second time I visited Milan, I stayed with my friend Clara, who is founder of Gourmode. ‘A chic girl with a huge appetite’ I knew that spending a weekend with her, I was in for an adventure around Milan. We had a whole weekend of planed things to do, including dinner in a shop […]