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  • VOGUE 100: A Century of Style

    A few weeks ago a photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London opened, showcasing the greatest images from the great fashion bible the UK has created, Vogue magazine. Viewers are taken on a journey through 100 years of glamour, style and celebrity icons through photographs taken or commissioned by British Vogue. Since its […]

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  • Milan Part 2

    The second time I visited Milan, I stayed with my friend Clara, who is founder of Gourmode. ‘A chic girl with a huge appetite’ I knew that spending a weekend with her, I was in for an adventure around Milan. We had a whole weekend of planed things to do, including dinner in a shop […]

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  • La vie Parisienne

    #becomingparisian Over the past few months in Paris, I have had new experiences and have become more open minded about different cultures and the way people live. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s true. Since September, I have really become Parisian. Living alone, I’ve learned to appreciate my own company more than before because I’m […]

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  • A Parisian Sunday

    Sundays are one of my favourite days of the week in Paris. I indulge in a brunch most weekends, everytime somewhere different and discover a new part of the city. Today Imke and I went to Twinkie Breakfast in the 2nd arrondissement. We treated ourselves to a full American brunch, although you have the choice of […]

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  • Simply Black

    As my time in Paris is coming close to an end, I have more free time on my hands to work on some style posts for my blog. Interested in fashion, I’ve had my eyes on the well-dressed Parisian ladies in cafés, shops and the streets. I took my own take on their classic and […]

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  • Winter in Paris

    Aimilia couldn’t have come to Paris on a better weekend. I had parties and dinners planned and my area even welcomed her with music, dancers and fake snow. Saint Germain des Neiges, Fête du Ski et de la neige was a four day street event organized by France Montagnes. The organization is an association of […]