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    I can’t think of a better group of people to go to Mykonos, than with the crazy lot I went with. This past year, having moved back to London I became closer to my friends I hadn’t seen so much of when I was at uni and created new friendships, which took us to the idyllic […]

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  • Welcome Back

    I started my blog as an online journal and a photo library of my year abroad spent in Paris and Florence a few years ago. Since then I have maintained and developed it by writing about my holidays, London and style trends. I’ve been away from my blog for almost a year now. During this […]

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  • Welcome to Bali

    My Bali adventure, where do I begin? My friends and family have asked me the typical question after a holiday, ‘how was it?’ With a constant grin on my face and the expression ‘it was amazing’ isn’t enough to explain the Balinese experience to someone who hasn’t been before. It is something that can’t be […]

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  • When in Rome

    A few weekends ago, I visited my friends who had been in Rome for a few days. Rome is full of sights and things to do, so two days were really not enough to explore the city to its fullest, but I managed to visit most sites on one’s first visit to the eternal city. […]