I can’t think of a better group of people to go to Mykonos, than with the crazy lot I went with. This past year, having moved back to London I became closer to my friends I hadn’t seen so much of when I was at uni and created new friendships, which took us to the idyllic […]

Welcome Back

I started my blog as an online journal and a photo library of my year abroad spent in Paris and Florence a few years ago. Since then I have maintained and developed it by writing about my holidays, London and style trends. I’ve been away from my blog for almost a year now. During this […]

Last Adventures in Bali

If you plan on visiting Bali, Ubud town is a must. Ubud is in central Bali that sits surrounded by smaller villages and rice paddies. It became well known in the 1960s as a haven for artists from around the world and is now hailed by many as the cultural center of Indonesia. We wandered […]

The Best Coffee with the Best View

After a day of relaxing at our resort, early the next day we woke up to the harsh waves hitting the rocks and the bright light shining into our room. We were due to meet our private tour guide and driver to take us on our first day of adventures around Bali. We started the […]

Nikki Beach Bali and Chasing Summer Swimwear

On one of our relaxing beach days, we decided to wonder down Nusa Dua Beach, where our resort was located. Nusa Dua Beach is known to be one of the quieter beaches in Bali, popular for surfing and water sports. Despite the beach filling up with tourist resorts, it has remained peaceful with beautiful views and still […]

Welcome to Bali

My Bali adventure, where do I begin? My friends and family have asked me the typical question after a holiday, ‘how was it?’ With a constant grin on my face and the expression ‘it was amazing’ isn’t enough to explain the Balinese experience to someone who hasn’t been before. It is something that can’t be […]

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

I haven’t written in a while as I am back at university. Luckily, I am close enough to London that I can drive there every now and then to share new exhibitions and restaurants with you. Over the weekend, I went to Norfolk for a family wedding. My cousins live in Great Yarmouth, where a […]

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Paris is always a good idea right? The breathtaking architecture, the incredibly good restaurants, the endless shopping, the art galleries and museums, the list goes on as to what there is to do in Paris and why one can never be bored of it. It is such a luxury to speak the language of your […]

Paris, Mon Amour

A year ago today, I moved to Paris for some time. A year later, I am back and it feels like I’m returning home. Last year I was nervous, although looking forward to starting my life in a new city. Now I am just excited to return. Only for a few days, I have come […]

The Londoner Travels North

I’d like to think that Yarm, a small Town in the North East of England is my northern home in the UK. Every Londoner needs a getaway location, away from the craziness of the city to escape to every now and then, to enjoy the peace, tranquility and the beauty of the British countryside with family […]