Welcome Back

I started my blog as an online journal and a photo library of my year abroad spent in Paris and Florence a few years ago. Since then I have maintained and developed it by writing about my holidays, London and style trends.

I’ve been away from my blog for almost a year now. During this time I graduated, spent time with my family in Cyprus, travelled to new destinations, met new people and worked on my career.

Currently writing this post on the train to the North of England, I’m remembering why I created this blog. My friends at university were right – it is hard to keep blogging, having fresh ideas and keeping a following. The important question to ask myself is why I started and why I want to continue. There are so many popular and well-established blogs that one like mine can get lost online. I don’t write and take pictures for anything other than a hobby and to share my experiences to friends and family that I don’t see often enough.

London is where I currently call my home (even though I wish I could spend half of my time here and the rest in Cyprus!) it is a city rich of culture and heritage. I am lucky to call it home and be able to live the city to its full expense. Every day I feel as if a part of it has changed or developed. London brings excitement to a younger crowd, although sometimes can be overwhelming – you just have to make the most of it. New gallery opening, exhibitions, restaurants and bars, nightlife and style keep this city alive and interesting. These things, as well as others are what I will continue to write about…

I have had some negative comments about the title of my blog ‘Privileged Views’, with people sometimes asking why I think I am so ‘Privileged’. At the time when I created it, I thought not a lot of people at my age would be able to live in Paris and Florence and live the lifestyle I did when I was there. The museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, little towns, cute villages, churches…the list goes on is what made the content of my blog.

When I write and edit my posts with photos I have a moment to myself and feel as if I am talking to my friends. This is what a blog should be about. Now I am back, I will keep posting a few things I have lined up. Take a look at older posts and let me know what you think. Below are a few pics of me styling my long waistcoat.


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