Wine and Cheese

Who else was I going to enjoy the best clichéd Parisian experience of cheese and wine, than none other Gabi, my friend who visited me from university. A wine and cheese lover like myself, we wasted no time to enjoy this delicacy. As soon as she landed we headed off to a favourite café of mine, La Palette for a cheese board, a bottle of the finest red and some charcuterie, just because we were feeling it and why not? 4 hours of talking later we went back home where we continued drinking and chatting into the early hours of the next day. Can you tell we were excited to see each other?

The next day we enjoyed walking around my area, until we headed towards Palais de Tokyo to experience the tunnel created out of scotch tape at the exhibition INSIDE. The arms of the body suspended from the building, in the entrance hall of the Palais de Tokyo, are entrances and exist in the structure, which invites visitors to view the beginning of the route of exposure INSIDE.

That evening, even though it was raining, we took a stroll to the Christmas Market at Avenue de Champs-Élysées. Because of the weather, it wasn’t that busy, which was great for us to enjoy the stalls, mulled wine and more cheesy snacks.

A weekend trip with a friend wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Le Marais, the coolest, shopping district in Paris. After coffee and a croissant at Les Deux Margots, we stumbled upon a Vintage Christmas market in St Paul, where I finally gave into a black stylish floppy hat. Watch this space, for pics of me wearing it…

That evening we treated ourselves to a relaxing massage, well hers more than mine! After walking up the Arc de Triomphe to see the stunning views. With a bottle of Prosecco in hand, we took to the streets (something we never do, promise!) and drank at the Pantheon, admiring the Christmas tree decorations and Christmas lights, while celebrating the end of term and Saturday night… There were others drinking there too, so we felt less guilty.

On our way to wine and cheese (of course, what else?) we started to feel the Prosecco kicking in, since we hadn’t eaten that day, we were looking forward to the feast of a cheese and charcuterie board. We meet some friends at Le 5eme Cru in the 5th arrondissement, which is a wine shop, with tables for tapas style food. You can guarantee a night of good wine drinking and catching up!

Bastille is one of the greatest areas in Paris for a long, fun night. We went to Bar Tequila and let’s just say, we owed that night and the workers there felt pretty happy to have us!

We moved on to another bar with music, which has been a frequented bar in Bastille as we can always rely on it for drinks and good music.

The day Gabi was due to leave followed and somehow we managed to wake up early and go for a long breakfast at her favourite café Les Deux Margots.

“Un trés bon” weekend of chit chat, food, drinks, dancing and shopping; exactly what we are good for.


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