Winter in Paris

Aimilia couldn’t have come to Paris on a better weekend. I had parties and dinners planned and my area even welcomed her with music, dancers and fake snow.

Saint Germain des Neiges, Fête du Ski et de la neige was a four day street event organized by France Montagnes. The organization is an association of major mountain tourism players in France with the aim of promoting the French mountains, nationally and internationally. Magical and unique, over the weekend the streets in the 6th put on their best assets to offer Parisians an enchanted beginning of winter. Bars turned into cottages, Place Saint-Sulpice was transformed into a mountain resort with activities such as a snow garden, ski simulator and a cross-country ski trail equipped with a shooting range with laser rifle that ran down my street. Torchlight descent instructors are held every night to start the evening festivities. The atmosphere, music and décor felt like being on the slopes!

Feeling in good spirit we went for fois gras and red wine at Le Germain restaurant, which is part of the established Beau Marly group. One of the places I have been wanted to go to due to the line of booths and tray sided tables outside; another spot to view the beautiful and glamourous walking past and going in and out of the restaurant. We wanted to continue our night gossiping and drinking so we went to Alcazar bar where we had delicious martinis.

Now becoming a brunch routine, I took Aimilia to Eggs and Co for a filling breakfast before we spent the day shopping and walking around the city. After a few stops in the local boutiques of Saint Germain, we walked past Notre Dame and took a few pictures of the Christmas tree in front of the Cathedral.

As I have mentioned before, the Marais is one of my favourite areas in Paris. The boutiques and cafes are unique and the atmosphere is young and lively. We took to the Parisian lifestyle very well with one of the best hot chocolates I have had here.

We were given separately melted dark chocolate and warm milk to make it as bitter or sweet as we want it.

The evening was a delight, with friends and family chatting away over wine in the beautiful living area and over the view of Paris from the terrace. An apartment, I lust to own one day in Paris…

Satisfied with the best meal I have had since moving to Paris, Selina and her family continued to entertain their guests with dancing and more drinks. The evening led to some of us going to the club YOYO located at the Palais de Tokyo. YOYO played deep house music and had a grunge, underground feel to it, with a mix of people, where we danced until the early hours of the next day.

My friend Sophie had just moved apartment to a closer location to me, so we went to her place for house warming drinks. Her place is a typically cozy Parisian apartment, perfect for the artsy student that she is, where we had wine overlooking the Eiffel Tower and listening to old school and remixed music. It wouldn’t be a night a Paris without midnight walks and photos along the way.

La Palatte is one of my favourite places to go for a drink with a friend in the early evenings. Walking past it in the morning, we decided to have breakfast there, which was a first, and I think I will make it a new breakfast spot.

Rue de Seine is full of galleries and furniture shops where I noticed this VOGUE beauty from outside.

Surprisingly open on a Sunday, we went in and discovered beautiful photography.

A walk around a park is always a must on a Sunday in Paris, partly because there isn’t much else to do, even in the coldest temperatures.

One of my favourite weekends here so far, it was lovely to catch up with my friends from Royal Holloway and relax in a city I feel more comfortable in, with one of my best friends, we even managed to see The Hunger Games on Sunday as though we were just back at university. With Christmas decorations up and markets in full swing, I couldn’t be more excited to spend this time of year in Paris. I am currently writing this at the Sorbonne and can only look forward to this weekend.


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